Cancun, Quintana Roo (MiCancú Cancun is one of the best places where extreme sports and adventure combine together to give you adrenaline-filled sensory experiences.

Cancun is our Caribbean pearl and intense adventures here are on the menu. The alternatives of ecotourism, extreme sports and recreational activities in nature are rich and varied; sport fishing, diving, and snorkeling are among the most requested by travelers who enjoy the strong experiences and contact with the sea.

In Cancun you will find everything you need to embark on an exciting journey; surf and ride the depths of the Caribbean Sea is a privilege and you do not want to miss on your next trip to this exceptional coast. EXTREME

SPORTS AND ADVENTURE: diving and snorkeling



Discover the depths of the Caribbean Sea in the region where the majestic Great Mesoamerican Reef stands, it’s a luxury offered by nature. If you prefer diving, you will find everything you need in the city for your underwater adventure. For this activity must go out in boats into the sea, where you can be amazed and feast your eyes with whale sharks, bull sharks, giant, sailfish elegant manta rays, dolphins adorable, among many others.
Diving to discover the reefs with their multicolored coral banks are also part of the adventure, for this activity the boats will sail a little closer to the coastal areas. The sensations in the reef recesses are truly exceptional, this universe of beings are a real stunning of beauty, you will not want to miss.

Some of the most recommended places for diving is Punta Cancun, the Garrafon in Isla Mujeres National Park, the beautiful Isla Contoy, Punta Nizuc, where in fact starts the Great Barrier Mesoamericano- and Puerto Morelos, the reef is very close marine coast.



Now if you prefer snorkel, there are specific areas where the deep sea is attractive and safe to practice this sport. Between Cancun and Puerto Morelos, there are three large vessels sunk which operate today as artificial reefs that are great for beginners in snorkeling spots. Of course natural reef banks are not a waste, can be your other great option for your adventure.

In all these places you will see a variety of small tropical fish which enhance their colors when approaching coral reefs, also green turtles, hawksbills, beautiful angelfish, rays, wonderful parrotfish, blacktip sharks, imposing barracuda, jellyfish, octopus, lobsters and countless species.



One of the most practiced and popular activities in Cancun is sport fishing. The wide variety of aquatic fauna in these Caribbean waters, with more than 500 species, the major infrastructure companies dedicated to both fishing in deep and low water, and sea splendid with all kinds of boats available for this sport, are certainly an irresistible magnet.
Fishing in deep waters offer much larger prey; the spectacular sail fish, marlin, golden, yellowfin tuna, barracuda, Wahoo, and pretty huge are some of the most coveted species. For most fishing expeditions must consider at least 6-8 hours of your time, in many cases have to sail away to find these magnificent fish, and almost always the fight of these giants of the sea is more than worthy. To access these magnificent specimens must have patience, strength and experience.

There are interesting species that are ideal for beginners in these avatars, here trophies are in the shallower waters: snook, bonefish, tarpon and pomfret. They are less big and powerful, perfect for gaining experience before facing huge species of sea fish.

Vessels for these journeys can range from a small 9 meters long, up to luxury yacht 13 meters; boats bring all necessary equipment, and should be navigated by an experienced captain. Remember that sport fishing in animals are released once you have made your picture with your trophy of the day.

Take advantage of offers, there are constantly flights to this destination, and give yourself these experiences in the Caribbean Sea. You can be sure that from here on your relationship with the sea will change, as you will have discovered the fantasies of the astonishing aquatic world that nature have offered for humankind to enjoy. Dive into the deep sea and embrace this world full of surprises stored for you, a magnificent experience that would leave you speechless.

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